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Ali Gianinno

HOORAY HOORAY! We can't wait to have you home!!! We look forward to seeing you soon. Abigail can't wait to meet her new friend.



Wow, so many changes! Best of luck with the new life Stateside. I'll miss reading about your adventures in Paris, but I'm glad you're planning to blog once you get back to DC. It's been fun watching Roxy grow.

By the way, I've always thought she looked a lot like you, but I have to say, that last photo looks exactly like her dad staring back at the camera!

Bonne chance!


I too have really enjoyed your blog - pix and prose. Thanks for sharing your Paris life with us -I will miss checking out Chez Thompson. Blessings to you and your family....

Dave K

Sad that you will no longer be blogging about Paris and that I will not have hosts the next time I visit Paris, but very happy that you are coming back to DC! Looking forward to having you back in town (though much has changed since the summer of '05!).

BTW, that last picture of Roxy and you (Aggie) is great!


Agnes, will miss you very much.
I shall be checking your DC blog more fervently than your Paris one so get typing as soon as you cross the pond!

Star in California

Bonne chance, Thompsons! I cannot even remember how I found your blog, but I bookmarked it and have been enjoying your adventures in Paris ever since.

Thank you for giving me a peek at the city I love and sharing your experiences in the city of light.


Frank will miss you.

The Franco Fille

I will miss reading about Paris. I lived vicariously through you I think! Welcome back to the States and thanks for sharing.


A great blog! I shall miss it! But I will enjoy more having you back in DC!


Good luck, you crazy kids! I will truly miss hearing about your time in Paris


Slt Thomspons, I have not kept in good touch w John since leaving Paris last yr but I've come back to your blog every now and then to check up on you. I've always found it fantastically well written and I remember enjoying seeing you two simultaneously discover Paris as I was. Best of luck to you both back stateside, i cant believe how big and beautiful roxanne has grown


Thank you for sharing your pics and adventures of Paris.You were actually the first blog I'd ever read.I'm in California and was always thrilled to see the sights.Your daughter is an absolute doll.Thanks again and good luck with all your endeavors.

Said Bakr

It is the first visit to your blog. Please don't stop bloging. Keep posting to this blog.

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