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...my name is Anne. I don´t know if Grant talked about me or if you know me(I was his crazy little German girlfriend), but I just wanted to tell you, that it fills my heart with joy to see so many people remembering him, talking about him, missing him...


Hi Anne, AJ here. Hope you're OK. I'm still struggling with losing him. Snowboarding trips just wont be the same. We held a memorial service last night in London followed by drinks at a pub I know he would have approved of...

John Thompson

Anne, thank you for your comment. I did hear of you through some of Grant's other co-workers, like Will and Jenny. I did not realize you were crazy, however. As you probably know, there was a memorial service at the American Cathedral in Paris on Aug. 31. Many came to say good-bye.

Beki Cocquyt

Hi, I am Beki, Grant's sister. Someone sent me the link to your blog and I just wanted to say thanks for your kind tribute to Grant. Our family is comforted by the many people around the world who have paid tribute to Grant in one way or another. We miss him deeply. (The photo of him playing the guitar is great!)

John Thompson

Beki, we are touched that you and others have found our site. It was nice to meet you briefly at the memorial service in Paris. I have a couple other photos that I will email to you and others.


Hello John,
I´m at work, but I keep going on your webside, staring at Grants photo...

...if u could sent me these other photos u talked about as well, I would really appreciate it.

Love, Anne

Here's another photo of Grant:

John Thompson

All of our photos of Grant (six photos) are now posted in a photo album titled "Grant", which can be found on the left hand side of our blog page. Click on each photo for full size with caption.

Alyssa rushton

I am from Toronto and was one of Grants good friends. I am just now, Oct 31st, hearing about this. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't emailing me back, but i figured he'd gone on some crazy excursion somewhere and wasn't checking mail. I wanted him to spend christmas with me and my french husband in the french country side this year. i am so beside myself. i am very devastated. and very shocked. Could someone please please tell me what happened. i need to know how my young vibrant charming wonderful grant could die? how the hell did this happen? please let me know.........thank you, Alyssa.

Sharlene Carlson

I'm living in Alberta and climbed with Grant when he was in Toronto and I was in Ottawa. I remember how he kept us laughing all the way to Seneca Rocks with goofy car games, and played his didgery doo in the meadow we camped at in West Virginia. I did a websearch when his email bounced (thinking he was travelling again), and learned the sad news. We'll miss you Grant. Thanks for brightening our lives for the short while we knew you.


Hello. I was a french friend of Grants'. We met each other at Shearman, where I had an internship. We first met in the archive room of Shearman. Upon arrival there, I found the door already open. Inside the room stood a charming young man who warmly introduced himself to me in english. I did the same and we managed to exchange a few words. There was a lot of cardboards stacked along the left wall of the cellar. Grant explained to me that they belonged to him. He told me that he had just arrived to Paris and that he was keeping his cardboards in the cellar of Shearman until he was able to find a flat. He opened one of the cardboard boxes so he could show me a photograph album containing pictures of his travels around the world. We talked a few minutes and we exchanged our phone numbers, which we had both written on a teared piece of the Financial Times newspaper. It was a beautiful meeting. We would later laugh together while reminiscing our first meeting in the cellar of Shearman.
I feel very fortunate to have met Grant. We met each other by chance. As a result of that meeting came a profound friendship.
I tried contacting Grant several times by email and by phone without answers. Grant was always be quick to respond to messages, so I assumed that he was abroad on business until I sent an email in his professional mail box and I received a message saying: "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender". It wasn't until the 17th of November that I learned the news of his death. I was devasted and deeply saddened to learn the news of this tragic event on your blog. I have great difficulty accepting that he is no longer with us.

Could someone please tell me what exactly happened to him and where in the New Zealand is Grant buried? I need to know, please.

Grant was profound person. He was talented, interested in many aspects of life (in particular music, literature, photograph, surf). His enthusiasm and humour added to his brilliant personality.

Grant, the last time I saw you was on the 28th of July. You told me the next time we would see each other that I should talk to you in english. You see, I am speaking to you in english as promised. I miss you, Grant.

Lizzie Hart

Hi there, I am a friend of Grant's from his days in Arusha, Tanzania at the ICTR. I stumbled upon your blog...I have many, many beautiful photos of Grant, if you'd like to see them -- dozens of Grant as DJ at our many tropical-eve parties, and even more of he and I and our Australian friend, Josie, when the three of us explored the island of Zanzibar together. These times I will never forget. I miss him so very much.
Besos from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
[email protected]

Andrew & Bridget Stenhouse

Hi Everyone,
Bridget and I found out tonight that Grant had passed from Darren Hollaway. We both knew him from Auckland in 1989 -1993. Bridget in particular formed a close friendship with Grant. I skied with him and was a mate. Life went on and we went our separate ways as you do. But he was the kind of guy that you met once and remembered forever.
Annie - he was a special person for sure. Our love to you in dealing with the loss of such a special partner.
Beki - kiora - please accept our love and sorrow in losing your brother, we both profoundly feel the loss and so wish we had tracked him down before he passed.
We remember the falcon with the big fins!!
I have some photo's of us all in AK that I will scan and post .
Grant - we love and miss you mate.
Andrew & Bridget Stenhouse


Hi there, This post is pretty late I guess. I was just looking at some photos on facebook and Grant popped up and I googled him and this came up! I'm the Australian Josie referred to in Lizzie's post above and I too have so so many wonderful photos of Grant being Grant: wearing Zanzibarian hats, doing yoga on Nungwi beach and posing in a thousand more funny photos.
Missing him so much as always!It's great to know that so many other people are too.
Josie from Sydney, Aust.

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