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Dave K

"We think the shot below is the better of the two, except for the fact that Agnes is not in it."

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? Particularly since Agnes appears to be wearing her recently-completed blue shawl underneath her coat.

Good eye, Kums!

Actually, that's a blue mohair scarf I knitted . . .


Even Paris neophytes Wamie (Wade and Jamie) had heard about the great L'as de Fallafel and tried to grab a bite there on our last half-day in Paris. Alas, the renowned eatery was not set to open for another twenty minutes and we were already running late to catch our bus to the airport. Sadly, we resigned ourselves to "no fallafel for you." But it gives us one reason (as if we didn't have enough already) to return to Paris again and partake of the wonderful hospitality of John and Agnes.

David Aserkoff

wow - can't believe i missed Raffi and natasha. carman9 runs deep. hope they're doing well.

Paul Lasron

That's the Lenny Kravitz felafel place, right? Very good, but it's kind of sad standing in the street eating your felafel. There's another great felafel place, without any seating, across the street from the Hotel George V, maybe a block or so towards the Seine. It's called.....(anyone?)?

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